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Closed Loop Support Between User, Product, and You

We love products that come with apps. The app provides an easy-to-use interface that puts the power of the product at our fingertips. But what do you do when the product stops working, or the user struggles setting it up? RevTwo provides a complete remote support stack that connects to both apps and smart products. Avoid costly product returns and ensure your customer's satisfaction.

Answer Common Problems with Answer Bot

Smart products present very unique support challenges, Combining a high value product, large product quantities, and technical complexity, it is difficult to give your customers the attention they require. Answer Bot addresses this support burden by answering user questions / problems with unprecedented accuracy. Utilizing both user description with actual product data, RevTwo is able to look under the covers and figure out solutions to many problems, all without human intervention, saving your customers time and your organization money.

Fast Responses with High Performance Agent Tools

Your agents are facing a never ending torrent of issues. Conversing with customers one at a time can be inefficient and costly. RevTwo provides a high volume chat interface that lets your agents manage many conversation simultaneously. Answer Bot integration puts answers right at their fingertips, while attached metadata provides important customer context. Faster call resolution times yields improved customer satisfaction and lower costs.

Report problems from app and troubleshoot paired products

RevTwo provides a closed loop system between you, your customers, and their smart products. Customers can report problems from right within the app. Agents can chat or talk with the customer. Agents can even perform diagnostic sessions with the devices themselves. RevTwo makes it easy for agents to identify the customer's attached devices, from right within the tickets themselves, and while still conversing with the customer troubleshoot them.

Tickets can gather all sorts of interesing information

Your app is a goldmine of useful information. It knows your customer. It knows about your attached smart products. It even knows what your customers are doing! RevTwo lets you attach this information to a ticket, view it at the agent workbench, and even utilize it during Answer Bot diagnostic sessions.

Smart products can report their own problems

In addition to user reported problems, RevTwo lets you report tickets directly from the embedded product itself. When a product detects a problem in the field, they are able to create a ticket, attach useful information to it, and then submit the problem to RevTwo. The problem can even be tagged in a special way to prevent it from hitting the support queue.

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