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Containers are the preferred method of delivering software today. Whether microservices, IoT devices, or gateways, containers isolate programs from each other and the operating system itself in a convenient, easy to use form factor. Now the rub - what do you do when the containerized product or service you delivered has a problem. If it is on your own network - you are all set. But what it you are dealing with someone else's network? Do you set up a VPN, travel on site - all just to gain access when and if you need it.

RevTwo has you covered. Balancing the needs for access with the requirment of security, RevTwo provides the ideal remote support environment for Snap and Docker based products and microservices.

Support from inside a Docker or Snap

Docker and Snap based services are protected and often are running on the same environment as other dockers and snaps that you do not have permission to see or interact with. RevTwo solves this problem by embedding servicability into the Docker and Snap based microservice itself. You are able to view and interact with the services environment you are responsible for, while being structurally isolated from the rest of the environment.

Secure Remote Terminal without VPNs or SSH service enabled

RevTwo provides a rich tools set for diagnosting and solving issues within Docker or Snap based services. RevTwo's built-in agent terminal tool provides full secure terminal access without the need for running a local SSH service. By not having a local SSH service, access is only provided through the RevTwo permission-based access method, protecting the service from threats both outside and inside the firewall.

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Secure permission based access

Access without permission is a risky endeavour. Permission based access ensures that acess is granted to the right people, at the right time, and for the right problem.

Services can report their own problems

RevTwo allows Docker and Snap based services to self report issues. Additionally, with built-in tagging and metadata these problems can be routed to support personnel or development personnel as appropriate.

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Run special troubleshooting tools without a VPN

RevTwo provides a secure channel between your agents and the Docker or Snap based services that they are supporting. In addition to RevTwo built-in tools set, we let you utilize our secure, ad hoc, permission based channel to run any IP based tool that your team has built or uses to perform support.

Support other Dockers or Snaps on same machine

RevTwo provides stand-alone Dockers and Snaps that can be utilized to support a complete computing environment. With a higher degree of OS access, these components provide secure, permission based, access to the entire operating environment. This is appropriate for situations where you have support responsibliity for an entire computing environment.

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