Chat, Voice, and Troubleshooting

Consumer apps, many of which are free, face extreme user volume and very high customer satisfaction expectations. How do you achieve customer satisfaction for millions with a limited staff?

Answer Common Problems with Answer Bot

High volume, repetitive questions, ignored FAQs - Answer Bot provides the ideal backstop to your self-service strategy. By leveraging customer feedback, app data, along with advanced search technology, Answer Bot significantly outperforms traditional knowledge base solutions. Answer Bot is your plug and play solution for faster ticket resolution and lower contact center work loads.

Fast Responses with High Performance Agent Tools

Your agents are facing a never ending torrent of issues. Conversing with customers one at a time can be inefficient and costly. RevTwo provides a high volume chat interface that lets your agents manage many conversation simultaneously. Answer Bot integration puts answers right at their fingertips, while attached metadata provides important customer context. Faster call resolution times yields improved customer satisfaction and lower costs.

Get Your Users And Company Engaged with Community Support

An app or product's users could possibly be its most significant asset. RevTwo lets you utilize this community in many innovative ways. Users ask questions, the entire community or just subsets can answer them. Community support provides a low cost way to increase app engagement and turn your power users into passionate advocates.

Give your cusomers that personal touch with Voice Communication and Screen Sharing

Sometimes there is no substitue for a conversation. RevTwo provides a complete agent-to-user or user-to-user in-app calling system. Whether on iOS, Android, or a Desktop environment like windows, you are able to place unlimited calls and talk for as long as necessary, all for one flat rate. And while you are talking, you can see the app's UI to answer questions or guide them through it.

Deliver new services that stengthen your brand

Passionate customers are the key to a strong brand, and customer communication is the key to cultivating that passion. RevTwo provides many innovative ways to connect your employees with your customers. Whether it be an insurance agent interacting directly with their clients, a stock broker providing timely advice, or a in-store associate helping a remote customer with a styling decision, RevTwo can power your brand altering communication strategies.

Debug Apps in the Field

What do you do when reports of an issue in that app you just rolled out to all 15,000 of your company's employees start to roll in. If you have RevTwo, you are able to connect to your users in the field, troubleshoot the problem using a suite of powerful tools, and fix the problem before it becomes a career altering disaster.

Tickets and chats can have a location

What do you do when you want to let your users help or communitate with other users near them? RevTwo's location aware APIs, makes the creation of innovative location-aware community support applications a breeze!

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