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Avoid Truck Rolls, Fix from Far Away

Combining operational complexity with a 100% uptime requirement., industrial machines and medical devices represent some of today'most support intensive assets. Your customers require security, you need access, RevTwo provides an innovative solution that solves both. Support your machines, talk to your customers, all without costly VPNs.

Customers can ask for Help From the Machine

Complex machines and devices typically include built-in user interfaces. RevTwo let's your users or even the machine itself ask for help at the push of a button.

Customers and agents can chat and talk right at the machine

Nothing is more frustrating to a machine operator than having to leave the machine to discuss a support request. RevTwo keeps your support interactions right where they belong - at the device itself. RevTwo let's you chat or even talk with your customers right at the device itself, providing a valuable set of eyes and ears and adding to the safety and effectiveness our your remote support session.

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Agent can remotely troubleshoot and fix problems

Talking is good - fixing is great! RevTwo provides a rich set of tools that your can utilize to remotely diagnose even the most difficult problems. Providing access while you talk, the built in RevTwo toolset provides access to files, user screen, log files, even embedded databases.

Agent can view and control screen of remote device

Being able to see what your users see and even step into their shoes provides a strong environment to fix even the most stubborn problems. RevTwo allows you to use your favorite Remote Desktop tool, VNC, RDP, and the like.

Agent can run specialized tools through remote session

Often times, agents need to run specialized tools to properly diagnose a complex machine or device. From PLC Programmers to database browsers, the IP based tools are a part of most field service personnel's toolbox. RevTwo let's you run your IP Based tools over it's secrue channel, providing you with the access you need without the travel you don't want.

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Answer BOT helps to identify solutions to customer problems

It's one thing to know you have a problem, quite another to know what is wrong. The RevTwo Answer Bot combines your customer's problem description with actual machine data to determine the best solution. With an AI engine that mimics your best support engineer, RevTwo looks under the covers to figure our the right solution to solve your cusomters most difficult problems.

Audits of agent activity

RevTwo provides you the access your need, but provides your customers the security they require. Device side auditing provides a complete record of external requests, sessions, and troubleshooting activity, providing your customers with a complete record fo all your activities.

Permission based access

Permission based access is a key element of an overall remote-support security strategy. RevTwo requests sessions in much the same way that a phone call is made. When the agent needs to perform a remote session, a session-request notification is sent to the machine. Upon receipt, the user must either accept or deny the session.

Works with existing IoT Platforms

RevTwo closes the loop back to the customer with your current IoT solution. While most IoT solutions work to create a virtual representation of your assets and their operational history in the cloud, RevTwo provides access and session based operations from the cloud to the the actual physical asset itself. Additionally, the RevTwo Answer Bot is the ideal next step when your IoT platform detects a problem. RevTwo takes the gathered information, determines the right solution, and lets you fix it in the field.

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