Gateways and Headless Devices

Secure Remote Access Saves Time and Money

With the explosion of IoT based devices, the use of remote gateways and headless devices is on the rise. Because these types of assets typically run in un-managed environments, often in remote or difficult to reach locations, supporting their operation can be extremely challenging. RevTwo provides a powerful, full-featured remote support tool that lets you securely access, troubleshoot, and fix the most challenging problems.

Securely manage gateways and devices, no matter where they are

Utilizing RevTwo's secure, VPN-less access, you can troubleshoot and fix problems in inhospitable locations - all from the comfort of your office.

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Secure remote terminal

RevTwo has a web based CLI terminal that interacts with your gateway or device natively. It doesn't require a running SSH or telnet service, which opens additional security threats.

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Run special troubleshooting tools

RevTwo provides a secure tunnel between your agents and the gateways they are supporting. In addition to RevTwo built-in tools, you can run any IP based tool your team has built or uses to perform support, just like you were there in person.

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