Voice over IP Calling

Place and Manage Calls, All with Crystal Clear WebRTC Based Technology

Sometimes there is no substitute for a high-fidelity conversation. RevTwo provides a complete turn-key solution for full VoiP based calling. Based on WebRTC, the world's most advanced and popular calling engine, RevTwo provides unlimited calling between agents and users alike.

It Starts with a Ticket

With RevTwo it all starts with a ticket. The presence of a ticket is required to enable the app on that device or computer to be called by either a RevTwo enabled app or agent.

DEVELOPER HINT: RevTwo calling can be enabled or disabled on a model by model basis.
Placing a model in Direct Access mode enables calls to be placed without the presence of a ticket.

Full Call Workflow

Includes everything necessary for placing, receiving, and managing calls.

App to App Voice Calling

RevTwo VoIP calling supports both agent to user calling and user to user calling. User to user calling is enabled on an app by app basis via a developer's inclusion of call capability. App to app calling supports calling between operating systems, including support for calls betwen Android and iOS.

WebRTC Based Audio Channel

RevTwo audio is based on industry standard WebRTC. WebRTC provides a high speed, peer to peer connection, that results in crystal clear voice quality.