Troubleshooting Tools

Complete Troubleshooting Toolset for Remote Products and Apps

RevTwo includes a comprehensive suite of support tools for troubleshooting even the most difficult problems.

Works Behind Firewalls

Access remote devices without the need to
build and maintain costly VPNs

Database Browsing

With RevTwo's built-in SQLite browser, your agents and engineers are able to gain valuable programatic insights to troubleshoot even the most difficult problems.

DEVELOPER HINT: Access to mysql, SQL Server, Postgres, and Oracle can be achieved by using the RevTwo Custom Tool Support

File Access

Browse, upload, or download files.

Logging Access

Logging can be utilized to provide important diagnostic data to troubleshoot problematic events. RevTwo provides a built-in logging facility that provides multiple log levels and is stored in a device friendly, memory efficient, manner. Agents can filter by level to see what's important.

Custom Tool Support

Utilize your favorite IP based tool. RevTwo provides a secure/high speed tunnel between your agents and devices in the field. PLC Programmers, Database Browsing Tools, or even custom built diagnostics can be utilized

Built In Agent and Device Side Auditing

Device-side auditing provides your customers with the peace-of-mind that your support activites have not compromised their network or devices.