Complete Workflow Between You and Your Customers

What is a ticket?

Tickets are used by RevTwo to manage workflow between field devices, apps, and your organization. Think of a ticket as a super structure for managing and controlling all activity associated with a customer's request.

Powerful Workbench

Everything you need to manage the workflow between field devices, apps, and your organization in one convinient location.

More than a Ticket

RevTwo tickets are more than the simple help request found in traditional systems. A RevTwo ticket is a cargo ship ferrying useful troubleshooting information between your customers, field products, and your organization.


Metadata is a collection of information that is attached to a ticket by the developer when the ticket is created. This aids in customer interaction and troubleshooting. Metadata is displayed on the RevTwo workbench and used by the RevTwo Answer BOT to solve problems.

DEVELOPER HINT: Metadata is structured as a JSON array providing a high degree of flexibility for metadata collection and display. Answer BOT gets its troubleshooting hints from this data.


Tags are used to provide problem context and to route tickets inside the RevTwo system. Tags can augment a 3rd party ticket system integration, provide controlled access for community ticket access, or help to organize ticket routing within the RevTwo system. Tags are added to a ticket when the ticket is created.


Tickets play an important role in security. Tickets act like a drawbridge that enable your help desk to communicate with your customers. When an open ticket is present, your organization can request chat, voice, or troubleshooting sessions. Conversely, without the presence of an open ticket, customer communication is not allowed and the app or device will not respond to communication requests. Developer Note: This restriction only applies to Ticket Mode operation, learn more about RevTwo operation modes.


For companies with an existing ticketing system of record, the RevTwo ticketing environment may be bypassed completely. When integrated to another ticketing system, the RevTwo ticket provides the linkage between the two systems. When using a 3rd party ticket system, such as Salesforce.com, RevTwo automatically creates a ticket in the 3rd party system. When your service agent reviews the ticket in the the 3rd party system, they can access the RevTwo workbench to chat with, place a voice call, or troubleshoot the problem from within the 3rd party ticket. Closing the ticket in the 3rd party system closes the ticket in RevTwo.

Easy to add user side views and workflow

RevTwo provides packaged views that hook the full power of the RevTwo support system in as little as 10 minutes.

Fully Customizable

View Based Customization

All user side views support full branding to provide a seemless experience for your customers.

Full API

When you want even deeper customization, the RevTwo API gives you the power to create, manage, and close tickets from within your App or service.

Available Today on Popular Platforms

Ticketing is available on all platforms. Platforms with screens support both programatic and view based solutions to ticket creation and management while headless devices support programatic/API based solution only.