Screen Sharing

Apps, PCs, Mac OS, and Linux Remote Desktop
Screen Sharing for Every Situation

With RevTwo screen sharing, your agents are able to view your user's screen or desktop, in real-time, at the push of a button.

Works Behind Firewalls

RevTwo screen sharing works without costly/difficult to manage VPNs, connecting you to your customers across the globe.

Works with your Favorite Platform

RevTwo provides screen sharing solutions for all major platforms - from mobile apps to complete desktop solutions.

iOS and Android
Screen Sharing

Screen sharing for mobile devices is limited to your app's screen sharing due to the device's sandboxed architcture. RevTwo makes it easy to add screen sharing to your app by simply including the RevTwo Smart Support library. The library provides everything necessary to enable your agents to view the screen during a support session.

PC, Mac, and Linux Remote Desktop Solutions

RevTwo includes a Smart Support application for all popular desktop platforms. The Smart Support application provides full tunneling support that enables your organization to utilize their favorite remote desktop solution. Compatible with VNC, RDP, or others, RevTwo provides a fast, secure channel for your agents.

Secure Permission Based Access

RevTwo utilizes a permission based approach to screen sharing. When an agent requests a screen share, the app user is prompted to accept or reject the session. Only with user permission is a screen share allowed.

DEVELOPER HINT: By default, screen sharing may only be initiated with the presence of a ticket from the supported device. For special situations, RevTwo may be configured to opeate in "Direct Access" mode where a support session may be initiated with or without the presence of a ticket. Both modes of operation still require user acceptance.