Fast, Lightweight Communication Between You and Your Customers

Powerful Agent Tools

With the RevTwo Chat Interface, Agents are able to carry on multiple chat conversations simultaneously, speeding resolution time and improving agent productivity.

Rich Chat Interface

The RevTwo client-side interface provides a visually compelling and familiar interface.


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Customizable UI

RevTwo gives developers the power to customize all aspect of the user interface.

Full Control of Branding Colors and User Pictures

To speed time to market and simplify integration, RevTwo enables developers to customize the look and feel of the built-in screens.

Powerful API for Custom Views

For those apps that need a high degree of customization, the RevTwo API lets you create a customized look and feel that behaves in exactly the manner you want to see.

Customized Workflow and Routing

RevTwo gives developers the power to customize chat operation.

Multiple chat workflows

RevTwo is available in two workflow configurations.

Question First

In question first mode, the user is prompted to enter their questions via a popup. After posting the question, it becomes the first chat in the stream. The RevTwo AnswerBot will utilize this question to look up appropriate answers.


In Demand/Response mode the user is taken immediately to the chat stream and a scriptable prompt is sent to the user from the enterprise. The user's first response may also be used by the Answer Bot. Developer Note: For Security reasons, RevTwo approves all enterpripse scripts.

Tagging Powers Routing

Chats are part of tickets and as a result can utilize the ticket's tagging to route chats to appropriate personnel. For example, if you would like to have different teams handle different types of requests, your app could tag the ticket/chat differently based on where the user is in the app. For example, product settings, shipping questions, and general questions may be tagged differently.

App to App Chatting

RevTwo enables powerful app to app chatting that can be leveraged to create the ideal app community experience.

Multi-Person Chats

The RevTwo Chat interface enables multi-user communication. Each person gets an avatar or initials and a custom color.

App to App Chat Routing

A common requirement is to limit chat visibility from one person to a subset of the user base. By tagging chats, chat visibility can be limited to sub-sets of your community. For example, a tax app may tag a users questions "Mortgage Deduction" which can limit question visiblity to other users who have demonstrated skills in the category. Another common use of Chat tagging is to limit a chat from one person to a subset of an app's community. For example, tagging a chat with "School", "Class" can limit that chat's visibility to only students in that particular class.

DEVELOPER HINT: Chats are associated with RevTwo tickets. Tickets may be created with a Tag or list of Tags and API calls are available to access tickets (and their chats) by Tag or list of Tags.

Location Based Chat Routing

Another common requirement is to group chats by a physical region. RevTwo enables chats to be tagged with a user's current location and then accessed by location regions. For example, the publisher of a travel app may wish to limit chats in a particular city to other users in that city. So if I as a traveler asks a question, it can be sure that the person answering is a local.

DEVELOPER HINT: Chats are associated with RevTwo tickets. Tickets may be created with a location and API calls are available to access tickets (and their chats) by Location.

Built-in Chat Moderation Tools

When chat is opened up to a community, i.e. community members can chat with each other, active moderation is required. In-fact the Apple app store requires both the ability for users to flag objectional content and for company-based moderation. RevTwo meets the requirements of the Apple App Store.

User Flagged Content

User can "flag" questionable chat content. Once a piece of content is flagged, is is automatically removed from all user displays of that chat.

Agent Moderation Tools

Agents can review flagged content, permanently delete or unflag that content, and even block users from contributing to chats again.

Metadata Provides Powerful Agent Context

App provided metadata is a powerful tool in the developers arsenal. Adding metadata to a chat / ticket:

Provides Valuable Agent Context

Metadata is displayed on the ticket page within the RevTwo workbench. Metadata can include any information of value such as user name, loyality status, and past purchase history.

Improves Answer Bot Performance

Metadata is also used by Answer Bot to determine the best answer to a user's question or problem. Much like the diagnostics that your best agent would perform, Answer Bot uses metadata to determine the best answer for a user's question.


RevTwo provides chat receipients with notifications when new messages are posted on chats that they are a part of. Notifications are generated for all "followers" of a chat when content on that chat changes. RevTwo notifications work for both when the app has focus and when it does not.

DEVELOPER HINT: The RevTwo API provides the Programatic ability to follow or un-follow chats.