System Basics

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Comprehensive and Customizable
Support Workflows for ALL products

RevTwo provides a comprehensive support stack designed for today's smart products. By combining user interaction with device troubleshooting capabilities, RevTwo has created the next generation support platform.

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Together or Apart

The RevTwo stack is designed to work seamlessly together or be used as components within your existing infrastructure. We have designed each layer of the stack to stand on its own, so you can utilize it in whole or part.

What we are about

RevTwo's goal is to overhaul the user's smart product experience by taking advantage of all the good things that smart products have - smarts, connectivity, and you. We tackled this problem by focusing on three primary areas:

Rich Stakeholder Communication

Whether it be users talking to agents, other users, special groups of users, or even other stakeholders within your organization, RevTwo can facilitate it. Chat, voice, and coming soon, video allows users can communicate in the ways that make sense to them.

Ability to Fix Broken Things

When things are't working, there is no substitute for being able to reach out and fix things. RevTwo provides a comprehensive, secure toolset that enables your agents and engineers to connect to, troubleshoot, and fix products in the field. With built-in firewall friendly communication, RevTwo lets you access products at your customer locations without VPNs or other costly infrastructure.

Solve Problems without Human Intervention

Customers hate to wait. Companies can't afford to infinitely staff their contact centers. RevTwo bridges this gap with an AI based Answer Bot that combines user experience and technical data to solve your customer's most difficult problems in a fast and accurate manner.

Our Ticketing Environment or Yours

RevTwo's magic is connecting your stakeholders, your products, and you. We provide a ticketing environment to enable standalone operation, but we have designed each part of our solutions stack to work with ticketing environments from other companies. We bring the field to your organization and provide you with ways to turbo-charge your customer interactions.

Support for All of Your Products and Apps

Each app or device gets a model in RevTwo that defines its basic operation. Models define what diagnostic tools are available, whether that device supports voice calling, and basic security information connecting the device in the field to the proper RevTwo account and model.

Access Modes

Each RevTwo model can be configured to operate in one of two modes. For most models, Ticket Mode is ideal.

Ticket Mode

In Ticket Mode, an agent is unable to interact with a RevTwo enabled App or Device without the presence of a ticket. A user's ticket acts like a draw bridge, providing premission for chat, VoIP calls, and sessions. Once the ticket is closed, access is again closed.

DEVELOPER HINT: Even with the presence of a ticket, VoiP calls and troubleshooting sessions still require acceptence of the user.

Direct-Access Mode

In direct-access mode, agents may establish sessions with assets in the field without the presence of a ticket. Direct-access mode is useful for headless devices or devices where there is a strong trust relationship between the user and the company providing the service.


RevTwo takes your customers and your security very seriously. As such we have designed a multi-layer approach to creating a robust and safe smart support solution.

Permission based access

All communication has strong encryption

Unique keys per device and session

Audit logs give your and your customers a record of each interaction