Answer Bot

Fast, Accurate Answers Leveraging Product Data and User Questions

The RevTwo Answer Bot is the ideal first line of defense for your customer's support questions. Answer Bot combines the best aspects of today's most advanced search techniques with an AI based engine that combines app provided data signatures with customer feedback to get unprecedented answer quality.

How It Works

The RevTwo library and applications support Answer Bot workflow. Questions submitted by the customer can be configured at the RevTwo workbench to be delivered to the Answer Bot.

  1. User Asks a Question
  2. Answer Bot gets the question, determines the best answer, and returns it to the user in the form of a chat response
  3. The user clicks on the Answer, and is presented with a rich text interface that provides an answer to their question.
  4. The user is able to accept the answer, request more answers, or be escalated to a support agent.

AI Drives Superior Results

Answer Bot combines today's top search technologies with a RevTwo first - actual machine or applicaiton data, to provide answer results with unprecedented quality.

Elastic Search

Utilizing the same technology utilized by today's most popular search engines, RevTwo starts the answer matching process by doing a complete linguistic analysis of the users question vs. the most likely answers stored in the knowledge base. Elastic utilizes synonyms, ignores connecting words, and provides a superior result for basic search operations.

AI Engine Utilizes Past Results

The RevTwo Answer Bot also utilizes an AI based search of all previous results to determine, based on previous successful answers, which answer will be the best for this query. This approach enables the system to make leaps of logic that no linguistic search alone could achieve.

Metadata Drives Search

An industry first, the RevTwo Answer Bot also performs an AI based search on developer supplied Metadata. Metadata provides critical insights that help Answer Bot look under the covers to add real-world context to user queries.

Gets Smarter with Every Answered Question

Each time the Answer Bot provides an answer and gets user feedback, future results, both linquistic and metadata based are improved. Without the requirement for extensive training, the Answer Bot can be turned on and immediately start delivering superior results.

Chat Integrated

Answer Bot is fully integrated with the RevTwo chat interface. Answers are returned in stream and can leverage a persona determined by your organization.

Agent integrated

Answer Bot can also be used by agents to look up answers. When questions are sent to the Answer Bot from the agent, the metadata associated with the ticket is passed along providing valuable context.

Rich authoring tools

RevTwo provides an interactive environment for authoring knowledge base articles. Supporting rich text, pictures, and links, RevTwo knowledge base entries provide a rich environment for answering event the most difficult questions.

Import from other sources

Utilize existing knowledge base articles in Answer Bot with RevTwo's convenient CSV importer.