We are extremely proud to be a part of something as exciting as RevTwo. We have a firm belief that getting help when you need it is a universal right. We built RevTwo to make it easy for App publishers and enterprises to deliver on that commitment.

The RevTwo Management Team

Alright, we have done this before. We know that working hard, having fun, and building great products are not mutually exclusive. We believe in our mission and will never let our customers down. Always forward, always improving!

dale calder photo

Dale Calder

Bossing and organizing by day, planning world domination by night. Never sleeps, lives and breathes support.

jim hansen photo

Jim Hansen

Darn smart guy - the brains behind RevTwo.

ashley calder photo

Ashley Calder

Yep, boss' daughter and secret weapon. Programs, designs, demos, does art – a true renaissance woman.

stas taraschansky photo

Stas Taraschansky

One man wrecking crew. Need it done today - put it on a list in the morning.

David Canavan photo

David Canavan

We don’t know what David does - but he seems awfully busy and looks good doing it. He tells us that we would be lost without him.

Erin Smith photo

Erin Smith

Marketing human extraordinaire - making noise and getting RevTwo into the hearts and souls of people everywhere.

RevTwo Back Story

We are often asked “What the heck does RevTwo mean anyway?” As with all good names, it is layered.


The Official Explanation: We are ushering in THE NEXT GENERATION of SUPPORT, another word for generation is revision, another word for next is two, hence RevTwo.


The Personal Story: We founded and built a pretty substantial company, Axeda, on our last go around. The first Internet of Things platform that ultimately sold to PTC for $170M in 2014. RevTwo is our second venture, and we think an even bigger idea. We look forward to taking this one over the finish line!


The Practical Story: The domain was available.

2 + 2 to Fight Lyme disease

We have been very fortunate to have our health and wake up every day and do fun and rewarding things like building RevTwo. Being a Boston based company, we live with the threat, and on a personal level, effects of Lyme disease every day. It’s effects can be debilitating and can cause everything from brain injury to severe arthritis and carditis. Lyme disease is hard to diagnose and even harder to cure.
We are setting aside 2% of the equity and 2% of all profits to fight this terrible disease.